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Atlantic Salmon Wet Fly

The Interceptor is a fine example of innovation using primarily traditional natural materials.

Always searching for “something different”, anglers Ray Buckland and Ted Mayfield created this fly in the early 1970s. It was a great success on Nova Scotia’s LaHave and St. Mary’s River.

A wing of fine pine squirrel tail gives the fly a great action as it sweeps across a salmon pool. The golden pheasant tippet tail provides a bit of bright color to an otherwise somber pattern, a time-tested concept employed by many great salmon flies.



Thread:  White 8/0 UniThread

 Hook:     Partridge Code “M” wet salmon hook sizes 4, 6, 8, 10

Tag:        Extra fine oval silver Lagartun  varnished French tinsel

Tail:        Golden pheasant tippets

Rib:        Oval silver varnished French tinsel

Body:     Wine antron body Wool or rabbit fur dubbing dyed wine

Hackle:  Black hen hackle folded backward

Wing:     Pine squirrel tail over 4 strands purple Krystal Flash

Head:    Black 8/0 UniThread finished with 2 coats Angler’s Corner
              Wet Head Cement