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Nova Scotia Classic
Nova Scotia Fly - By Bill Carpan
Atlantic Salmon Wet Fly

This wet fly can at times be irresistible to Nova Scotia Atlantic salmon. A bright day, with the sun in the angler's face, is best. Curious, playful salmon see a bright, sparkling fly swimming over them, certain to draw their attention.

Sporting the colours of our Nova Scotia's Flag, the fly is designed for our bright, clear, pristine streams.

Nova Scotia attracts anglers from all over the globe who wish to try  their skill on our treasure, the bright, fresh-run, healthy Atlantic salmon, king of all sport fish.

Bill Carpan, of Stillwater Nova Scotia, tied the winning fly in a 2006 competition.

Nova Scotia Flag - Click for flag history.


Thread:               White 8/0 UniThread

Hook:                  Partridge Bartleet Supreme salmon hook sizes 2, 4, 6

Tag:                    Extra fine oval silver Lagartun varnished French tinsel

                with golden yellow silk or rayon floss

Tail:                    Two golden pheasant crests

Butt:                    Fluorescent red wool dubbing

Body:                 Silver Diamond Braid

Underwing:        4 strands forest green Krystal Flash

Wing:                 White calf tail                         

Hackle:              Silver Doctor Blue hen hackle folded backward and tied

                           collar style

Head:               Fluorescent red 8/0 UniThread finished with 2 applications

  of Angler's Corner Glossy Wet Head Cement

The Nova Scotia Classic

The black hook that this fly is tied on symbolizes the coal seam that runs through Nova Scotia. Coal has fueled our industries for decades. The hook, the strongest part of the fly, speaks to the memory of the men who have died collecting this natural bounty and the point is as sharp as the pickaxes that first removed coal from the ground.

The red nose on this fly represents the ocher used in ceremonies by the first people of Nova Scotia the Mi’kmaq and embodies their contribution to the province and also reminds us of the beauty of our sunsets in this, "Canada’s Ocean Playground"

The white wing of our fly highlights the background of our provincial flag. It also reminds us of the foam created when waves from the bountiful Atlantic Ocean, that has sustained our fishing industry, crash heavily on our rocky shores.

The green under wing speaks of our diversified forests and the work and recreation it generates. It’s the land that keeps calling us back no matter how far we roam from our shores. The sparkle of the flash reflects our rivers and inland waters that beacon all anglers.

The blue hackle is a reversal of the colours found on the cross of Saint Andrew symbolizing Nova Scotia’s link to Scotland and blue skies that crown our province.

The red butt in the middle of our fly stands for the Royal Lion set in the center of our flag and Shield of Arms. It also signifies our attachment to Canada and its red Maple Leaf and to the Nova Scotia service men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom in all wars and United Nations actions.

The gold and silver tag of the fly represents the prosperity of Nova Scotia and the golden tail pointed up in the direction we want it to grow.

The silver body of the fly represents the strength of the province its people a melting pot of the world looking forward to a shiny future together.

Tony Rodgers

Executive Director,

Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers & Hunters