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Wish List


Here’s my wish list for 2011:


  1. We should stop restricting sport fishing and start improving it.
  2. We should stop regulating things that don’t need regulating, such as live-release fishing.
  3. We should start regulating things that do need regulating, such as fish farms and forestry.
  4. We should stop building bridges that hide Nova Scotia’s beautiful rivers.
  5. We should plan and work together with our neighbours to improve our community’s socio-economic benefits.
  6. World peace? I can wish.


If DFO and our provincial government approve Cooke Aquaculture’s massive in-sea expansion proposal for Digby and Shelburn, even as the COSEWIC scientific agency is considering endangered status for our wild Atlantic salmon, look out! It’s headed for Guysborough County.


Poorly controlled aquaculture has filled and trashed the Bay of Fundy’s shores and can’t expand there, so beware! Wild Atlantic salmon cannot co-exist with poorly regulated fish farms that produce deadly sea-louse infestations, spread disease, concentrate predators, and fail to prevent escapements that mix genetically with wild stocks. We voters must insist on effective control of fish farms. If governments do their job properly, we can enjoy significant benefits from both aquaculture and wild salmon populations.


My wish list also included a better regulated forest industry. Our provincial government wants to significantly reduce clear cuts in Nova Scotia, and I’m all for that. Our forests, streams and their wild fish would certainly benefit.


Our photo shows the St. Mary’s River’s wonderful Silver’s Pool in summer. There are two anglers in the photo, one above the bridge on the East Branch, and one fishing the confluence of the East and West Branches. We may not be able to fish at this time of year, but we can dream. 


Why does most of my wish list involve fishing? That’s the way it is with anglers!


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