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Ross Special
Ross Special
Atlantic Salmon Wet Fly

Nip Ross of Sydney, Nova Scotia originated the Ross Special for fishing the Margaree River. Fly tier Joe Aucoin from nearby New Waterford tied Nip’s flies for him. Their project was a success, word spread, and the fly quickly became a standard.

The fly was illustrated in a June 1948 Fortune magazine article "Atlantic Salmon". It is popular on Canadian rivers, especially Nova Scotia's gorgeous Margaree River, where it originated.

It is most effective in the cold waters of autumn, when a salmon's fashion taste switches to bright fall colors. Red, yellow and orange can often trigger some very heavy action!



Thread:   White 8/0 UniThread

Hook:      Partridge Bartleet Supreme salmon hook sizes 2, 4, 6

Tag:        Extra fine oval silver Lagartun varnished French tinsel

Tip:         Gold silk or rayon floss

Tail:        Two golden pheasant crests

Rib:         Fine Oval Silver varnished  French Tinsel

Body:      Red Antron Body Wool

Hackle:  Yellow hen hackle folded backward

Wing:     Pine Squirrel over 4 strands orange Krystal Flash

Head:     Black 8/0 UniThread finished with

               2 coats Angler's Corner Glossy Head Cement