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Just Say NO!

As I write this on Sunday, June 12, we now know that closure advocates have NOT yet seen the error of their ways. In fact, last week the St. Mary’s River Association announced:

There will be a meeting for all interested individuals in discussing specific pool closures on Tuesday June 14th at 7pm here at the SMRA Interpretive Centre. DFO is seeking our advice in developing a list of pools that, when closed, will significantly reduce the fishing problem and, at the same time, maintain most of the legitimate trout fishery.”

Indeed. My interpretation is that DFO is asking SMRA to hold a meeting that divides our community so that SMRA can be blamed for the result. In this way, DFO can claim that “DFO is only doing what the community wants.”  SMRA, if it cooperates with this scheme, can only lose. It will lose membership, community, youth, business, volunteer and Municipality support. When No Fishing signs appear, the harsh reality will set in with the community. SMRA, just say NO!

ESA, the Eastern SportFish Association says NO! So do the Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s and the Mulgrave & Area Lakes Enhancement Association. These agencies say NO to any proposed sportfishing closure, favoring an open live-release salmon and trout season that will benefit our community, our rivers, and our business, youth and volunteer groups.

Meanwhile, while DFO restricts the sport fishery, it continues to promote Nova Scotia’s aquaculture industry, with salmon farming coming to Liverpool Bay, threatening remnant wild salmon populations in the area. That area includes the world-renowned Medway River, until recently one of Nova Scotia’s best salmon streams. At this rate, it won’t be long until a salmon farm comes to a cove near you!

Speaking of DFO strategy, it still has no Recovery Plan for Atlantic salmon on Nova Scotia’s South and Eastern Shores, preferring an aquaculture policy that is likely to result in extirpation of our remaining wild salmon populations while also putting our lobster populations at risk. DFO has also failed miserably in
dealing effectively with Native fishery issues, resulting in unnecessary sportfishing closures.

How could ANYBODY, except the aquaculture industry, support DFO policy?

Here’s a dry trout fly used successfully by the Italian team at a recent world fly fishing competition at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Italians shared the pattern and it quickly became a favourite fly for western cutthroat trout. Gradually, news spread east, all the way to Antigonish, Nova Scotia, where it has become a best-selling trout fly. This one is tied by Chad Harpell, originally from Port Bickerton, Guysborough County.

Italian Spider Fly

Hook –                       River Magic Natural Bend Hook in sizes 10 - 14

Thread –                    Fluorescent red, then black

Tag -                           Red thread double wrapped 1/8”

Body Hackle -           Blue dun cock dry fly hackled heavily

Body –                        Ring-neck pheasant tail fibers (10)

Underwing -              Few strands of pearl or olive Krystal Flash

Wing -                        Light elk hair

Head -                        Black thread finished with ProLac head cement

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