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Brandon Lowe's Youth 1st Place Black Ranger
Stephen Nye's Adult 1st Place Blue Charm
Ice Blue, a Newfoundland salmon fly by Justin Hill

Stillwater Slim on the Line …


2011 Fly Tying Championship


River Magic has announced the winners of the 2011 Fly Tying Championship. There were two categories, adult & youth (16 or under).


Adult Category:

Nye, Stephen           NB      1st St. Croix RS908.4 Fly Rod

Lutes, Lloyd              NB      2nd Redington 7/8/9 Fly Reel

MacPherson, Erik    NS      3rd Redington Vest

Demers, Jacques     QE      4th Dr. Slick Fly Tying Scissors

Hill, Justin                 NF       5th Maxima Tapered Trout Leader

Honourable mention, in alphabetical order:

Bergman, Corey       NS

Brown, Nicholas      NS

MacNeil, David         NS

Paquin, Michel         QE

Pentz, Roland          NS


Youth Category:

Lowe, Brandon         NS      1st Redington OMN 805.2 Fly Fishing Outfit

Opra, Peter                NS      2nd Redington 4/5/6 Fly Reel

Murray, Brett             NS      3rd LL Bean Fly-Tying Handbook by Dick Talleur

Campbell, John        NB      4th Dr. Slick Fly Tying Scissors

Teed, Liam                NS      5th Maxima Tapered Trout Leader

Honourable mention, in alphabetical order:

Cormier, Lane           NS

Holly, Jeff                  NS

Hubley, Brandon     NS

Lowe, Ben                 NS

Mason, Murray         NS

All entries were worthy contenders, from a rising star of only 2 days on the vise to veterans of up to 35 years hackling hooks. There were as many young entrants as adults, so fly tying has a bright future, especially considering the great skill shown in our youth category. Youth 1st place winner Brandon Lowe, from Sheet Harbour Nova Scotia, is an accomplished tyer at 12 years old.


All helped to promote the hobby of fly tying through their participation and we hope they will enter again in 2012.


Photos of all entries can be seen at www.rivermagic.ca. Congratulations to the winners!


One of my favourite entries was tied by Justin Hill of Little Burnt Bay, Newfoundland, as follows:


Ice Blue


Thread:                      Black

Hook:                          Mustad SL53UBL Salmon Hook size 12 – 2

Tag:                            Flat silver tinsel & Silver Doctor blue Uni-Floss

Tail:                             Golden pheasant crest

Butt:                            Black Uni-Yarn

Rib:                             Small oval silver tinsel

Body:                          Flat silver tinsel

Hackle:                       Blue hen saddle

Wing:                          Dyed blue squirrel tail over white goat hair

Head:                         Black


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