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Ole’ St. Mary’s


Here’s one angler’s response to the news of pool closures on Nova Scotia’s St. Mary’s River. This is one of those times that a poem can best convey our innermost feelings.


Ole’ St. Mary’s                                


Ole’ St. Mary’s so cold and clear

Your runs and riffles I love to hear

Through country and hill oh so near

It’s in your waters silver fish appear


The moose, the bird and white tailed deer

Of many a fly was tied with cheer

To seek the salmon that have no fear

That jump and run, through pools so clear


Of men and fly, came far and near

To chase your fish with fancy gear

The scream of Hardy is to the ear

Your museum memories are sincere


If only those men could ever steer

Away from damage of saw, gaff and spear

Unbelievably savage and severe

How many of Salar’s lives ended here


The East, The West split and veer

Separated by Silver’s, only to disappear

Through hills and valleys so frontier

It is your loss I so desperately fear


The news came quick, my eye to tear

Like knife through heart, In my brain it sear

The word I have so much come to fear

Closure, of St. Mary’s pools I hold so dear


Roland Pentz, July 20, 2011


Here’s another entry from the 2011 River Magic Fly tying Championship. This one, a wet salmon fly by 16-year-old Brett Murphy of New Glasgow, is one of my favorites.


Silver Doctor Hairwing


Thread:                      Fluorescent red 6/0

Hook:                          Partridge Single Low Water, size 2-4

Tag:                            Fine oval silver tinsel and pumpkin floss

Tail:                             Golden pheasant crest

Butt:                            Red wool dubbing

Rib:                             Small oval silver tinsel

Body:                          Flat silver tinsel

Throat Hackle:          Silver Doctor Blue

Wing:                          Red, blue and yellow bucktail

Head:                         Red


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