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Fall Magic


It’s only August, but already I hear people discussing plans for their fall fishing. There’s something fresh and exciting, almost magical, about the start of a new season that I suspect motivates this behavior.


Prospects of cooler weather, fewer biting insects, and brightly colored foliage are certainly appealing. The sights, sounds and smells of fall are somehow different. We often hear people say “Today feels like fall”. Fall does feel different. The wild taste of an apple from a fishing trail can add to our fishing experience. The coming hunting season adds a whole new dimension to fall as we spot upland birds and look for deer sign in our travels. Some even combine bird hunting and fishing – they call it “Cast & Blast”. Autumn in Nova Scotia is a wonderful time to be outside, and fishing is a great reason to be there.


But the main reason for folks to get excited about fall fishing is the Atlantic salmon. It’s our salmon that attract visitors from all over, benefiting rural communities such as Inverness County to the tune of $2.5 million annually. Our salmon is truly “the King of Sportfish” and we are so very fortunate to have them in our rivers.


Another fine sportfish is the saltwater striped bass. Nova Scotia has a great opportunity to develop another major fall fishery as our striper population rebounds.


Winter can seem a lot shorter if we store up as many fall memories as possible, and photos can help us relive those memories and share them with others. Winter’s a great time to edit and frame photos, to create art from them, or to carve a replica of that really big fish that was released alive. Then, as winter continues to slip away, it’s time to tie flies and prepare for the fishing seasons to come.


Here’s a popular fall salmon fly tied by Nova Scotia’s Damian Welsh.




Thread:                      Fluorescent red

Hook:                          Daiichi 2271, Size 2

Tail:                             None

Body:                          None

Wing:                          8 strands of black Krystal Flash

Hackle:                       Fluorescent pink marabou, followed by yellow marabou

Head:                         Fluorescent red


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