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Our weekly special is Redington waders and wading boots - NO TAX from Sept. 5 - 11, 2011.

Fly fishing supplier Redington has become best known for good value, “great quality, versatile performance products at an affordable price.”

Redington is owned by FarBank Enterprises of Washington, USA. FarBank  also owns Sage and Rio, makers of premium quality fly rods and fly lines. Some products directly benefit from this relationship. Redington’s Crosswater Reel can be purchased with a pre-spooled Rio line. Similarly, Sage fly lines are made by Rio, giving these suppliers a clear quality control advantage.

Another benefit is that the companies also share excellent customer service, so we can buy their products with confidence.

One of Redington’s most popular offerings include the aforementioned Crosswater fly reel, pre-spooled with 100 yd of backing, a Rio WF-5-F or WF8-F fly line and tapered leader, priced at $65 complete.

Another is Redington’s fishing vests, available in cool mesh or full-fabric. They sell for $40.

Redington’s Stratus II wading jacket has a waterproof, breathable fabric system, providing ultimate protection and comfort, priced at $130. The jacket, like Redington’s other products, is attractive and very well designed for the angler.

Very affordable 4-pc Pursuit fly rod outfits now come in a rod/reel case for protection, a neat package for hiking or ATV travel. Each comes with a Redington Pursuit fly reel pre-spooled with 100 yd backing, a Rio WF5F, WF8F, or WF9F fly line and tapered leader. Price is $195 complete. All that needs to be added is a fly.

The biggest news, though, is availability of Redington’s new Sonic-Pro Waders, featuring high-tech Ultra Sonic Welded construction (no stitches means no holes) and double-taped seams throughout.  Since most leaks developed at the stitched seams of older waders, their elimination gives these new waders a longer life expectancy. Sonic-Pro waders are available in chest ($249.95) and pant (199.95) styles. Wading boots are priced at $90.


The Cains River Streamers

New Brunswick’s Cains River is generally regarded as a fall salmon stream, best in September-October.
Generally flowing northeast through heavy forests, the Cains River joins the Southwest Miramichi River at the community of Howard.

A series of flies known as the Cains River streamers is credited to Mr. Fred N. Peet, “a famous amateur distance fly casting champion and angler of Chicago, Illinois “.

Joseph D. Bates, Jr., in his 1950 book Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing, Stackpole, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, goes on to say, “While it is true that Mr. Peet originated several of these patterns, it also is true that he did not design all of them and that their rather individual style of dressing was in use several years before Mr. Peet tied the first of the series for use in New Brunswick`s Cains River in 1924. It is also true that other patterns have been developed in Cains River style by other anglers and have been included in the set. “

The book “contains dressings of twenty-one of the most important patterns“.

Also, a website at http://www.rareandunusual.com  has, in its Fly Pattern Dictionary, a section on the series with great color photos and specs of the flies tied by author Paul Ptalis. I highly recommend the aforementioned website to anyone interested in salmon flies.

All of the Cains River flies have similar characteristics. All have wide barred wood duck tails. All have double-wound medium flat tinsel bodies. Wings usually are of four hackles, the middle two being of a different color than the two on the outside. All have jungle cock cheeks.

“Shoulder hackles are added last, tied on as a collar over the butt of the wing and the jungle cock. The hackles are of moderate width, fairly heavily dressed, and usually are of two different colors; most often not mixed. The second color is wound toward the head after the first color has been tied down. “

“On all Cains River streamers all wing hackles are of the same length. When a two-color collar is called for, the rear color should be twice as heavily dressed as the forward color. Two or three turns of tinsel should be taken around the bend of the hook below where the tail is tied in. The heads are varnished black. “

“Originally tied for taking Atlantic salmon, the Cains River series also is good for trout (including steelhead), bass, and many other species of fish.“

These famous and beautiful patterns are regarded by many anglers and fly dressers as being collectors` items. Those who like to experiment might try a few of these patterns this fall, or get ideas for new creations. Here`s one that I intend to give a swish this fall.

Silver Demon

Hook:     Mustad
         9671 size 2.    
Tag:       2-3 turns of medium flat
         silver tinsel
Tail:       Two wide sections of a barred wood duck feather
Body:      Medium flat silver tinsel
Wing:     Four grey Plymouth Rock saddle hackles
Cheeks: Jungle cock
Collar:    Several turns of an orange saddle hackle 

Note: Created by C. Jim Pray

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