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Anvil Atlas

From September 12 - 18, 2011, River Magic's Weekly Special is a NO TAX deal on Fly Tying Vises.

In stock are:

2 Anvil Apex vises at 109.95
2 Anvil Atlas rotating vises at 174.95
2 Danvise rotating vises at 129.95
1 Regal RC4 at 209.95

The Anvils include both desk clamp and pedestal, and the Anvils & Regal are made in USA with lifetime warranty.

All of these vises are top quality, no junk here!

Forget the TallMart, shop at the SmallMart - River Magic.

Anvil Apex

End of Trout Season Looms!


This week let’s review some photo highlights from the 2011 trout season.

The first is a 2 ½ lb St. Mary`s River sea-run speckled trout caught on a fly by young Ben Lowe of Sheet Harbour.


Second we have a similar sized St. Mary`s River sea trout, also caught on a fly, by Chris Sinclair of Stillwater. Precise location is classified.


Finally here`s a 12+ lb whopper, a sea-run brown trout caught on a Green Machine fly by veteran Lee Dort in a Guysborough County river estuary.


Which is wider, the fish or the grins?


Here`s a fall salmon wet fly for cold water fishing. Best after a good rain!

Grape Muddler

Hook: Mustad
         9672 size 2.    
Thread: Black GSP 75 denier
Body: Black thread
Wing: Purple Flashabou
hackle: Purple marabou followed by black marabou,
then black deer hair
Head: Black deer body hair clipped Muddler style,
black thread finished with 2 coats
glossy Anglers Corner Wet Head Cement

Please send comments and suggestions to slim@rivermagic.ca

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