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The St. Mary’s and Other Waters

Fishing Tales Told out of School

by Charles Widgery

Glenelg Publishing, Dartmouth NS, 2002

New, Softcover, 8.5 X 5.5”, 123 pages

Price $13.95 + $10 shipping

From his home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Charles Widgery pursued salmon and trout in Quebec and Atlantic waters for over sixty years.

In The St. Mary's and Other Waters he shares his store of lore on human conduct on the river pools and lakes. Each chapter is a different mixture of the poignant, funny and sometimes bizarre interactions or anglers, current, weather and fish.

Widgery's true tales are mostly set on the fabled St. Mary's or Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore with side trips to the Liscomb, the LaHave on the South Shore and the Miramichi in New Brunswick.

Charles passed away early in 2011, a month after his 80th birthday. He was a very special friend and fishing buddy. - Bill Carpan

Charles takes the magic of nature and weaves a tapestry of adventure, humour, and tranquility. If you fish, you’ll love this book. If you don’t, you’ll wish you did! - John Cameron Sr.

Any day spent on the St. Mary’s is a joy – landing a fish is just a bonus. - Charles Widgery

The focus may be a lifetime of angling, but Charles Widgery's reflec­tions upon the peculiarities or human nature and mysteries or fish behaviour make this book insightful, entertaining and fun. - Bob Bancroft, field editor, Eastern Woods and Waters

An enchanting look at an era of fishing in Nova Scotia
that has all but vanished. - Ed Stoddard, journalist, Reuters News Agency, and outdoor writer