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Fall Fishing 2011


After floodwaters subsided following days of hard rain, anglers found fresh fall-run salmon in most of the pools. Our fall fishing and fall colors are at their best right about now.


Many streams along Nova Scotia`s Northumberland Strait shore have fall runs of Atlantic Salmon. These include River Philip, Wallace River, Waugh River, River John, West and East River Pictou, Barney`s River, West & South River Antigonish, and Cape Breton`s Margaree River. Prior to the fall season, salmon fishing in Nova Scotia was concentrated on the Margaree, often resulting in severe overcrowding. Now that we have many other choices this problem should be alleviated, at least for this fall.


So, we can get outdoors and enjoy the fall with all its glorious colors and fish salmon at the same time. That`s hard to beat!


Recent warm weather has kept water temperatures up, and warm water means that salmon will rise to dry flies, especially salmon Bombers. Bombers can be dead-drifted, pulled across the surface in short spurts, or fished wet just under the surface. Any of these presentations can trigger rises.


Small wet flies such as the Butterfly or Undertaker can be effective in warm water when fished just under the surface, just like summer.


Cold water makes salmon less likely to take dry or wet flies on or just under the surface, summer-style. Cold water means using sinking tips or sinking leaders and bigger flies that look alive when presented slow and deep.  Fall fish also seem to favor brightly colored flies like the orange shrimp patterns, Mickey Finn or Pink Panther, although dark marabou lies like the Grape can be more visible and productive, particularly in high cloudy water. Effective presentations can vary greatly as well. It seems there is just no wrong way to present a fly to a fall salmon in cold water.


The General Practitioner (GP), in large sizes, is a wet fly that is very popular and effective for fall fishing.  The GP was originated in the UK to imitate a shrimp (called prawns in the British Isles) by Colonel Esmond Drury in 1953.  It`s a wonderful fly, but the original dressing is, in my opinion, unduly complex.  Great to fish, but a pain to tie.


Most of us want to tie a few flies quickly and get out on the river. This version of the GP will let us do that.


The recipe shown below is simple and effective. I call it the QDGP for Quick & Dirty General Practitioner. Good luck with it!




Hook:                          Black salmon hook or bronzed streamer hook like Mustad 9671, size 2 - 6

Tail:                             Hot orange bucktail, as long as the hook, over a few strands of gold Krystal Flash

Body 1st half:             Hot orange UV Polar chenille

Shrimp eyes:              A golden pheasant tippet cut V-shape and coated with head cement.

Body 2nd half:            Hot orange UV Polar chenille

Wing:                           Pine squirrel or grey squirrel dyed red or hot orange

Head:                          Fluorescent orange or red, with 2 coats of Anglers Corner Glossy Wet Head Cement


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