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Universal Cock Necks

Finally... Some decent hackle for tying salmon flies. These are large, excellent quality rooster necks, ideal for salmon flies like Bombers and Bugs size 6 and up. Also great for streamers and Wooly Buggers.

There is some smaller hackle, but not much. Parker Wong commented that the small stuff would make perfect wings for the Adams trout fly, so he bought a grizzly neck.

For small trout fly hackle we'll still have to wait for saddles or buy the more expensive cock necks. A distributer of mine sees no end soon to the saddle shortage, unfortunately.

But these capes are ideal for big flies, best I've seen. We stock them in all popular colors, plain and grizzly. And at $35, a great price!

Kurt's 9 Lb. brown trout, silver & fresh from the sea
Littel Sea Hors

Meet Dr. Kurt Mueller

Anglers seem to like a good fish story. Here's one from 2011.

First, some background. Dr. Kurt Mueller's home is Germany. Kurt is a retired sociology professor who has fished many of the world's famed waters, but most fishing seasons find Kurt and his wife In Nova Scotia. They have a camp in the Lochaber area that serves as a base for travel, fishing, and other recreation.

Kurt fits well in Nova Scotia because he is friendly, generous, interesting, very knowledgeable and an excellent fisherman. Naturally he's developed many friendships in this area.

Our fish story concerns Kurt's quest for giant sea-run brown trout in Guysborough County. I know from my own experience that this mission is a very difficult but highly rewarding achievement.

Most folks who follow this well-worn path quickly learn that these fussy, cautious and wily fish don't come easy. In fact, I'd say that one is lucky to land just one of these monsters in a lifetime!

This of course deters many anglers from pursuing these challenging fish. This sport is not for everyone. But this summer Kurt proved that he has what it takes!

His fish was caught in late June 2011, measured 28” and weighed nine pounds. It was taken on an old six-weight Sage RPL rod and a seven- weight clear sinking line. He beached the fish after a 20 minute battle, and what a prize it was!

Kurt very generously sent us a photo of this magnificent fish and even the actual fly that took him, a creation of Kurt's called Littel Sea Hors. Please don’t ask where he caught it because that’s a little too much information. Know what I mean?

To all naysayers who don’t trust barbless flies – Kurt’s fly is barbless!

Littel Sea Hors

Hook:               Stainless, barbless saltwater long-shanked hook, size 6

Thread:           Black

Tail:                 4 strands gold Krystal Flash,

                         then sparse white calftail,

                         then a smidgeon of shorter pink calftail,

                         then natural mallard flank forming a “roof” over the tail,

                         Spey fly style

Eyes:               Heavy monofilament melted to form prawn eyes,

                         lacquered black and divided

Rib:                  Red wire

Hackle/body: Grizzly, tied collar style at front of hook shank,

                          then tied down to form body with wire ribbing

                         making hackle fibre tips form the hackle, just behind the eyes

Wing:               Pine or fox squirrel reaching almost to tail’s end

Head:              Black

Note that the fly’s body is fashioned in a most unconventional manner, maybe a new

method developed by Kurt. I’ve never seen it used before, but it looks great. Maybe the big brown hadn’t encountered it either!


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