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Posters, Books and Saddles!


Damian Welsh is an angler and fly tyer from Dunmore, Antigonish County NS. Last year he began a project called Nova Scotia Atlantic Salmon Flies.   


It began as a school project, part of a course requirement to perform an act of volunteerism. The idea to produce a poster that could be sold as a fundraiser for the Eastern Sportfish Association (ESA) was born and a beautiful poster created.


Along with two fellow classmates they enlisted the help of the fly tyers that frequent the nsflyguy.ca website. Over 25 fly tyers from Ontario to Newfoundland answered the call to donate flies that would later be photographed to create a poster of Atlantic salmon flies that either originated in or had particular significance to the province of Nova Scotia.


The support received for the project from the fly tying community was so overwhelming that it inspired the author to take the project a step further in the form of a book that is a tribute to the fly tyers who contributed their work. Both book and poster are titled  Nova Scotia Atlantic Salmon Flies.


Damian’s book takes the reader on a journey that tells a story of inspiration and love for the rivers, the people and especially, the majestic Atlantic Salmon of Atlantic Canada through the eyes of the fly tyers. It features over 175 full color photos and well over sixty fly patterns, with recipes, histories, and personal anecdotes from the tyers themselves.


Both are available from your local River Magic Fly Shop and the poster, in two sizes, is also sold on ESA’s website, www.sportfishns.ca/store . The book can be purchased directly from the publisher at website http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2711269 .


Saddles are Back!


On another note, long and slim cock saddle hackles are available to fly tyers once again! They are still hard to get, but last week River Magic received 10 beautiful Metz blue dun saddles, just in time to tie Blue Uprights for our spring mayfly season. The saddles had been backordered for almost 1 year due to the shortage created by the fashion industry! For now, no other colors are available.



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Above - The Book
Above - The Poster