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Why the Fly?


Fly fishing is growing rapidly in popularity as families seek healthy, relaxing, enjoyable and educational activities. In fact, it’s an education that takes a lifetime, so the earlier it starts, the better.


First, we learn about the fish – their habits and the environment they need for reproduction, safety, comfort and feeding.


We learn about their food - insects, baitfish, shrimp, leeches, worms, etc. 


We learn how to select and present artificial flies that imitate these foods.


We learn how to make the flies that catch our fish, becoming familiar with the various bird feathers, fur and synthetic materials needed. We experience the thrill of catching a fish on a fly of our own making, maybe even an original design.


We learn how to “read the water”, a skill that allows us to use the water’s surface characteristics to identify likely places for fish to lie below.


Then there’s geology – a waterway reveals much about how our land, rivers, lakes and oceans were formed.


A waterway is an ecosystem, supporting a tremendous diversity of aquatic organisms and wildlife, a pristine and natural environment. Sometimes it’s not so pristine, the effects of human development being revealed as well.


Fly fishing can be a solitary activity, it can be shared with family or friends, or we may need to share our fishing spot with others. We learn social skills that facilitate this sharing and frequently find new friendships in the process. Our social status has no meaning on the river – all are equal.


Often the young gain new respect for the elderly while fly fishing because a well-seasoned old-timer carries much knowledge and many skills, as frequently successfully demonstrated.


A young person may well choose a career through fly fishing experiences, since they reveal a very broad spectrum of choices. It’s difficult to regard fly fishing as a frivolous activity when one realizes the potential it has to engage a young mind.


For many of us fly fishing is an important part of our lives, a healthy and refreshing activity that helps us maintain a good appreciation of nature and our role as humans.


I recommend it!


"Calling Fly-Fishing a hobby is like calling Brain Surgery a job."
~ Paul Schullery


Here’s another Newfoundland salmon wet fly tied in Sheet Harbour by Chris Williams.

It’s a modernized version of an old British classic called the Thunder and Lighting.   


White-Winged Thunder & Lightning


Hook:                   Partridge Bartleet Traditional salmon hook, sizes 4 – 10

Thread:               Black

Tag:                     Flat silver tinsel

Tail:                      Chartreuse Krystal Flash

Butt:                     Chartreuse Floss

Rib:                      Oval gold tinsel

Body:                   Black wool

Throat:                 Blue guinea over orange hen hackle

Wing:                             White goat hair

Head:                  Black


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