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Fishing Excuses!

No fisher is consistently successful, so we all need fishing excuses at times.

My own favorite is one that’s true, as follows.

One Sunday I was fishing from my canoe where the Musquodoboit River meets the sea, right beside a small park.

In the afternoon a well-dressed crowd gathered in the little riverside park. Then they sung the hymn “Shall We Gather at the River”. Then they baptised a whole family by dunking them in my fishing hole!

Top that excuse if you can! Here are some suggestions to get you going.


·        Forgot best fly box

·        East wind

·        New gear not broke in

·        Old gear worn out

·        Recent thunderstorms

·        Recent drought

·        Fish slapping fly with their tails

·        Fish hitting short

·        Ran out of gas

·        Ran out of beer

·        Followed another fisherman's advice

·        Shakedown trip (checking equipment out)

·        Inept guide

·        Inept netter

·        Hooks dull

·        West wind

·        North wind

·        Should have fished elsewhere

·        Couldn't see landmarks

·        Got lost

·        Others fishing our spot

·        Too cloudy

·        Too sunny

·        No flies hatching

·        Too many flies hatching

·        South wind

·        Water too rough

·        Water too calm

·        New road goes right to lake

·        Old road to lake is impassable

·        Pool changed

·        Water too low

·        Water dirty

·        Didn't have right fly

·        Too many bait fish

·        No bait fish

·        Fish late this year

·        Fish came early

·        Dog jumped into the pool


Here’s another hot Newfoundland salmon fly from Sheet Harbour’s Chris Williams.


Orange Blossom Special

Hook:                   River Magic salmon hook, sizes 8 – 12

Thread:               Black

Tag:                     X-fine oval silver tinsel & yellow floss

Tail:                      Golden pheasant crest

Tail Veiling:         Orange hackle fibres

Butt:                     Ostrich or peacock herl

Body:                   Silver Flatbraid

Wing:                             White calf tail

Hackle:                Orange hen hackle, wound collar style

Head:                  Black


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