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Stillwater Slim on the Line …


Time to Choose!


Rather than sustaining Nova Scotia’s coastal communities by fostering our valuable tourism and fisheries resources, our provincial and federal governments continue to embrace the problematic and controversial salmon farming industry.


Economic studies show Nova Scotia’s Margaree River salmon angling brings $2.5 million annually to rural Inverness County, being supported by a provincial salmon hatchery that costs $200,000 annually to operate. This ensures that the river can continue to sustain aboriginal and sport fisheries over a five month season.


Our salmon sport fishery used to benefit Guysborough County similarly and could do so again today if sustained by a freshwater salmon hatchery.


I urge our governments to support proven sport fishing tourism rather than risky open-pen salmon farming to help our rural coastal communities.


Let’s remember that we can’t have both – open-pen salmon farms have wiped out wild salmon and sea-trout populations everywhere. Sport fishing is green, open-pen fish farming pollutes our coastlines. Simply put, the two don’t mix at all.


Municipal government support is important here as well, being closest to the people. I suggest we all ask these questions to our candidates prior to municipal election this fall:


1.   Two ways we can benefit our coastal communities are either though development of fish farming or development of sport fishing tourism. Which makes the greatest economic sense and which will you support?

2.   Are you concerned about open-pen salmon farms harming our lobster fishery?


We’re now in the dog days of August, but our thoughts will soon turn to fall salmon fishing.


Here’s a famous wet salmon fly with a twist, something different!


Marablue Charm


Hook:                   Black up-eyed salmon hook, sizes 2/0 - 12

Thread:               Black

Tag:                     Fine oval silver tinsel, then yellow floss

Tail:                      Golden pheasant crest

Butt:                     Black ostrich herl

Rib:                      Oval silver tinsel

Body:                   Black floss

Hackle:                Blue Marabou

Underwing:                   4 strands of blue Krystal Flash

Wing:                             Black squirrel tail

Head:                  Black


Please send comments and suggestions to:



Please stay on the line …



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