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Are you concerned about the health of the marine environment?

Are you concerned with the quality of the food you eat?

Are you concerned about protecting sustainable industries?

If so, you should watch    "SALMON WARS"

A new documentary film by SILVER DONALD CAMERON

APES (Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore) is a member of the larger provincial organization ACAR, part of a growing movement of organizations and people calling for a Moratorium on the development of OPEN PEN FISH FARMS or FEEDLOTS.

We invite you to see this 70-minute documentary FREE as it examines the industry and shows us why so many Nova Scotians support a moratorium.


These are locations where you can view this documentary film and ask questions of members of our group:


Tuesday September 4th - Sherbrooke Lions Hall - 7pm

Thursday September 6th - Ship Harbour Community Hall - 7pm

Sunday September 9th - Moser River Fire Hall - 7pm

Wednesday September 12th - Tangier Fire Hall - 7pm

Monday September 17th -Liscombe Legion - 7pm

Wednesday September 19th - Mushaboom Fire Hall - 7pm

Monday September 24th-  Murphy's Cove - St. Peters Church Hall - 7pm

Wednesday September 26th - Spry Harbour - St. Andrews Church Hall - 7pm


For further information you can contact Wendy Watson Smith at 885-2139 or  at wendy.watsonsmith@gmail.com

Visit nsapes.ca for more information on open net salmon farms


Guysborough County’s Eastern Sportfish Association (ESA) has joined with APES and over 100 other organizations that oppose open-pen salmon farms in Nova Scotia because wild salmon and sea-trout populations have disappeared wherever intensive open-pen farming has been operating, worldwide. A nearby example is our own inner Bay of Fundy streams – no more wild salmon!


Given the potential of the sport fishery to attract angling tourists to our Eastern Shore and the popularity of the sport among our community residents, we must support a moratorium on salmon farms pending industry and government success in dealing with a host of problems regarding wild fish, health issues, pollution, disease, genetic integrity, pesticides, and risk to important commercial fisheries such as lobster, crab and other shellfish.


This issue is important to everyone, so we urge all to see the film. It may forever change the way we see farmed salmon in grocery displays and the flyers!


Please send comments and suggestions to:



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