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The Cordless Vise

I assembled this cordless vise in 2006 and I've been using it for about 2 years, having retired a Regal, DanVise and NorVise. The cordless vise borrows some of their best features (and even some parts!). It looks like a Red Green invention that would fit in well at Possum Lodge, but my cordless vise is different - It works! 

I tie flies commercially, and I tie flies almost every day of the year, at least a dozen or so each day. I'd be lost without this thing. Notice the thread post, an idea borrowed from Norm Norlander's NorVise. I'm also using three of Norm's automatic bobbins, which I highly recommend. The drill is also used, of course, to refill Norm's special bobbin spools. The DanVise jaws of my cordless vise allow me to tie really big flies, like an 8/0 Atlantic salmon classic, as well as all the small stuff.

I'm not a particularly fast tyer, but my system keeps me tying at a steady pace. I'm also tying very durable flies, because rotary tying enables me to use more thread tension and to make near-perfect side-by-side wraps. The relatively new GSP 50 Denier thread helps with this too, almost eliminating thread breakage yet laying flat and very thin on the hook. It's fine enough (about 8/0) for tying exhibition classics and the thread doesn't break when I'm tying on those big married feather wings.

In summary, I love the cordless vise, but it is only one part of the system I use. It's the whole package that makes my tying so much fun!

Happy tying,

Bill Carpan, December 2008

PS - I also use the cordless vise for twisting silkworm gut and other chores. It interfaces with a line spooling system I built for my fly shop, supplying the power for spooling backing and line onto fly reels, or removing old lines. I'll add a picture ot this unit later.

The Cordless Vise
Cordless Vise & Thread Post