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The second annual River Magic Fly Tying Championship, 2011, is over! We have 10 big winners. Click on Red Green for more info!   


Fly tying Workshop Schedule

Free Workshops

Our free Saturday workshops are held every Saturday 2 - 4 pm.

The workshops are structured in that each typically will focus on one or two flies.
Somebody, myself or a guest tyer, leads the workshop and we all tie the same fly at the same time, step by step. We try to vary the flies chosen for each week to enable participants to use different materials & techniques. This way we all learn something new every week. Otherwise it's informal so that anyone can offer suggestions or comments for the current or future workshops.

It's fun and it keeps us motivated to tie. It's a great way for a novice to learn a whole lot and everyone tries to help out as needed. Plus, we get to add the flies tied to our flyboxes for field testing. From what I've been hearing, some very effective new flies have been designed at our workshops! 

Brenda usually provides coffee & squares to keep everone happy. There's no charge for workshops because they're good for business also.

Participants bring enthusiasm & their fly tying tools. We provide hooks & materials for the sessions.

Click fly for RiverMagic 2011 Fly Tying Championship Winners
Click fly for RiverMagic 2010 Fly Tying Championship Winners

Don MacLean & Parker Wong
Jim McCoul's 2008 Green Highlander Workshop

Damian Welsh at 2009 Spey & Dee Workshop
2009 Spey & Dee Workshop
Steve Clapperton of Eastlink's "Fishing with Friends"