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Under Attack!

We are extremely concerned about proposed regulatory changes for fishing on Nova Scotia’s St. Mary’s River. This will be discussed at a DFO (Dept of Fisheries and Oceans) ZMAC (Zone Management Advisory Committee) meeting coming up soon.

When: Friday, May 20, 2011 at 10:30 AM.

Where: The St. Mary’s River Association’s Interpretive Centre in Sherbrooke

This forum is open to the public and gives us an opportunity to voice our concerns to DFO management.  If you care about the St. Mary’s River, fishing, our communities’ recreation, social or economic well-being, you should be there because we are under attack by Halifax-based forces!

What does this mean to my wife Molly and I? Well, most of our fishing education came from angling experiences on the St. Mary’s River, beginning almost 40 years ago. At that time home was Halifax, NS. Promptly falling under the spell of the St. Mary’s River, the realization soon came that it was the best spot on the planet.

Through the ensuing years practically all of our recreation time was spent on the glorious St. Mary’s fishing, hunting, and developing friendships. But weekends were always too short! In 2001 Molly and I built our retirement home on a beautiful site in Stillwater, within view of the St. Mary’s River, making our dream a reality. The St. Mary’s was our destination right along, but it took about 30 years to get here.

We weren’t alone. Some others who retired here are David & Patricia Clark, Frank Walford, Gweneth Boutilier, Eddie & Cheryl Weir, Sandy & Joan Barnhill, Wayne & Gwen MacIntosh, Ian and Bev Cameron and John & Carolyn Cameron (with apologies to anyone I’ve omitted). We all came here because of our deep love of the St. Mary’s River and our community. And over time, the community becomes home. So, when we hear that the river and community are threatened, those words are fighting words. Get ready!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting students of St. Mary’s Academy on an activities day. About 20 students chose to discuss the St. Mary’s River, fishing, and fly-tying. I find young people truly an inspiration - so knowledgeable, genuine and enthusiastic. They give us fresh hope for the future.

Don’t let them down!  The river and our wonderful way of life are worth defending. Please be at the meeting!

Here’s fly tying virtuoso Chris Williams’ dry fly version of the legendary trout wet fly, the Purple Drummer. Guaranteed effective!

Purple Drummer Dry

Hook –                       River Magic Natural Bend hooks, size 10-14

Thread –                    Black

Tail -                           Cock hackle fibers dyed red

Rib -                            Fine gold oval tinsel

Body –                        Purple floss

Body Hackle -           Purple cock hackle, palmered 

Wing -                        Merganser flank or brown mallard flank

Hackle -                     Grizzly cock saddle dyed purple

Head -                        Black thread finished with 2 coats of Pro Lac head cement

Please send comments and suggestions to slim@rivermagic.ca

Please stay on the line …