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Guysborough County needs a Salmon Hatchery


To sum up the present situation:


  • Our salmon fishery is closed.


  • Most St. Mary’s River salmon pools are closed to all fishing.


  • As a result, our local businesses are experiencing a loss of 20 – 35%.


  • Our community’s residents, including the young and seniors, can’t enjoy our wonderful river.


  • A culture we love is gone!


But we would NOT be in this mess if we had an effective salmon hatchery.


A hatchery will enable us to increase salmon populations on rivers that still produce salmon. Examples are the St. Mary’s, Country Harbour, Salmon, Milford Haven and Ecum Secum, and Indian Rivers and Gaspereau Brook.


A hatchery will enable us to re-establish salmon populations in streams that no longer support Atlantic salmon. Streams like Arm Brook, Isaac’s Harbour River, Indian Harbour Lakes, and so on.


A hatchery will enable the needs of the aboriginal salmon fishery to be met.


A hatchery will enable us to re-establish our fantastic salmon sport fishery.


A hatchery will enable both live-release and retention salmon fisheries to co-exist.


A hatchery will enable us to develop “put and take” tourism sport fisheries in rivers too acidic to naturally produce salmon, like the Liscomb River system.


A hatchery will provide for effective maintenance of salmon populations in future.


The economic benefit of Inverness County’s salmon fishery is $2.5 million annually, according to a 2006 study conducted by DFO. This is largely due to salmon population maintenance provided by the Margaree Hatchery, now operated by Nova Scotia Inland Fisheries. This hatchery support also enables the native fishery to satisfy its requirements.


A hatchery in Guysborough County will provide similar benefit, as our salmon fishery did only a few decades ago.


Let’s get a hatchery!


We had many great entries in the 2011 River Magic Fly tying Championship. This one, a wet salmon or steelhead fly by 14-year-old Peter Opra of Halifax, took 2nd prize in the Youth Category. It has the style and color of very old British featherwing flies, but was expertly tied by a talented young tyer with a great future!


Klamath Classic


Thread:                      Black UTC 70 denier

Hook:                          Daiichi 2055 size 1.5 gold salmon hook

Tail:                             Bronze mallard shoulder

Butt:                            Red wool dubbing

Rib:                             Medium oval silver tinsel

Body:                          Antron Dark Stone dubbing, picked out

Wing:                          Bronze mallard shoulder

Cheek:                       Jungle cock

Head:                         Black


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