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From October 24 - 30, 2011, River Magic's weekly special is NO TAX on books and videos.
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Notice that the books listed were all written by Nova Scotia authors!


End of Fishing Season

Walking away from the river on the last day of the fishing season feels like walking away from a funeral. There`s the sadness of loss, yet celebration of life.

We hold hope that fishing will be reborn next spring, but we learned from this year`s closures that nothing can be taken for granted.

Assuming there will be fishing, there are a few important chores that must be done first. The time for that is now, not next spring. It`s no big deal, nothing like other fall chores, just important that it be done before being forgotten.

Waders & wading boots should be hung in a cool, dry, ventilated and darkened area. Fishing vest contents should be emptied into a well-labeled bag or box, & the vest washed & dried. Rods & reels should be hosed down, especially if there`s a chance that they may have seen saltwater use, cleaned & dried thoroughly before storing them in their protective containers for winter. Many rods are damaged in storage, preventable by proper protection. Fly lines should be cleaned and some reels, especially older types, may require grease or oil before putting them away. Fly boxes should be dry and stored in sealed bags to protect flies from moths. Imagine opening a fly box next spring and finding nothing but hooks and dust. It`s happened to me!

An important thing to remember is that nylon and many other synthetic materials are harmed by prolonged exposure to sunlight and some artificial lighting.  Sometimes we find a rotten piece of heavy yellow nylon rope on a beach, the work of the sun. That’s why fly lines, leaders, waders, boots, cordura rod cases, vests, jackets & hats should be stored away from bright light. Good fly fishing shops never display or store these items in a lighted area, so next time we see leader spools displayed on a store pegboard it`s a tip that we should be shopping elsewhere. Rotten leader is usually the result of exposure to light, not age.

But all this is just maintenance & storage. After hunting and Christmas & New Year`s comes the good stuff, fly tying season. Maybe Santa has brought some good fly tying books or equipment. Then we can really get down to preparing for next fishing season!

Speaking of books, here are some that make great gifts, available from your local fly fishing shop!

Atlantic Salmon

A Fly Fishing Reference

By Paul C Marriner

Gale’s End Press, Mahone Bay NS, 2009

New, Softcover, 8.5X 11”, 238 pages.

Signed by author.

Price $45.00 + $20 shipping

Atlantic salmon angling is intimidating to some, challenging for most, and second-nature to a few. To help the first two groups, and entertain (perhaps intrigue) the last, Paul Marriner has distilled more than forty years of experiences on some 150 publicly-accessible salmon rivers into Atlantic Salmon: A Fly Fishing Reference. For example, Chapter 10 - Patterns, focuses on designs to cope with the range of conditions (e.g., pool type, season, water conditions, time of day) encountered streamside. Although each design is illustrated with a successful pattern, the intent is to simultaneously educate and encourage innovation.

Atlantic Salmon: A Fly Fishing Reference is 8.5 x 11 inches, 240 pages, with more than 300 photos and illustrations. All of the more than 250 photos are in colour.

Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies

By Paul C Marriner

Gale’s End Press, Mahone Bay NS, 2009

New, Hardcover Spiral Bound, 8.5X 11”, 160 pages, signed by author.

Price $45.00 + $20 shipping

The first edition of Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies went out of print in 2009, but remained in demand. What made it unique, carried on in the 2nd edition, is the frequent inclusion of stories of a pattern's creation or outstanding successes.

Moreover, more than 80% of the patterns reference a recommended river, season, or condition. For example, some 100 North American, and a score or so European, salmon rivers appear in the text. All recommendations are collected in the river and conditions indices.

Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies, 2nd Edition
, has 158, 8.5 x 11-inch pages. Hard covered for durability, it is spiral-bound for easy reading and lay-flat use. The second edition features 417 patterns with colour photos and recipes for about 40 more; an increase of almost 25% over the first edition. Text-only descriptions are typically variations of patterns with an image. Recipes for, and images of, many salmon flies can be found on the web, but few are shown as tied by the originator—more than 75% of the patterns in Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies are.

Tying Atlantic salmon flies is both utilitarian and a hobby. The patterns in this edition are all working flies, but several offer the dedicated tier a challenge. About the first edition of Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies, John Randolph, former editor/publisher of Fly Fisherman, wrote: Gathered here are the modern flies that entice Atlantic salmon in all those magical rivers where they endure.

The Legend of the Deadly MacIntosh Dry Fly

By Stillwater Slim

River Magic Productions, Stillwater NS, 2011

New, Softcover, 8.5 X 5.5”, 28 pages

Price $14.95 + $10 shipping

I recently had the opportu
nity to read a new publication on the history of an important Atlantic salmon fly in Eastern Canada, the Macintosh. The publication is called The Legend of Nova Scotia's Deadly Macintosh Dry Fly and is the creation of well known Nova Scotia fly tier Bill Carpan, writing under his pen name, Stillwater Slim.

The publication of a
new book on fishing in Eastern Canada is always a welcome event, especially when it as well written and entertaining as this one. The cover of Bill's work is illustrated by a stunning painting of Dan by well known artist Joseph Crilley. It shows Dan in a familiar pose, poling a St.Mary's River Boat. In the booklet Bill does a great job of detailing the development of the Macintosh fly as related by several authors

such as Dr. Edwards Park and Jack Anderson.

The booklet includes some
treasured photographs of Dan and his family as well as early scenes of salmon fishing on the St. Mary's River. Bill includes the dressing for ten major variations of the Macintosh which make up the family of Macintosh flies.

Don MacLean

Don MacLean is an outdoor writer, fishing guide and biologist who lives in Nova Scotia.

The St. Mary’s and Other Waters

Fishing Tales Told out of School

by Charles Widgery

Glenelg Publishing, Dartmouth NS, 2002

New, Softcover, 8.5 X 5.5”, 123 pages

Price $13.95 + $10 shipping

From his home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Charles Widgery pursued salmon and trout in Quebec and Atlantic waters for over sixty years.

In The St. Mary's and Other
Waters he shares his store of lore on human conduct on the river pools and lakes. Each chapter is a different mixture of the poignant, funny and sometimes bizarre interactions or anglers, current, weather and fish.

Widgery's true tales are mostly
set on the fabled St. Mary's or Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore with side trips to the Liscomb, the LaHave on the South Shore and the Miramichi in New Brunswick.

Charles passed away early in 2011, a month after his 80th birthday. He was a very special friend and fishing buddy – Bill Carpan

Charles takes the magic of nature and weaves a tapestry of adventure, humour, and tranquility. If you fish, you’ll love this book. If you don’t, you’ll wish you did! - John Cameron Sr.

Any day spent on the St. Mary’s is a joy – landing a fish is just a bonus. - Charles Widgery

The focus may be a lifetime of angling, but Charles Widgery's reflec­tions upon the peculiarities or human nature and mysteries or fish behaviour make this book insightful, entertaining and fun. - Bob Bancroft, field editor, Eastern Woods and Waters

An enchanting look at an era of fishing in Nova Scotia that has all but vanished. - Ed Stoddard, journalist, Reuters News Agency, and outdoor writer

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