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Just how stupid do they think we are?


Rural Nova Scotians give others the impression that we’re laid back and offer no resistance when we’re pushed around.

One reason for this is because we tend to be friendly and helpful rather than hostile and aggressive.

Another reason is that rural populations are shrinking and we welcome visitors and newcomers.

Another is the belief that we can be pressured into accepting anything to help cure the depressed state of our rural economies.  

Another is that we seem slow. That’s because we take time to enjoy the finer things in life. We understand, respect and appreciate our way of life in rural Nova Scotia. Seems to me that we’re being smart, not stupid.

But when greedy folks try to take advantage of our good nature, we have to protect our way of life in the province we love.

Our Nova Scotia government has a critical role to play and our MLA’s are supposed to represent us in the Nova Scotia legislature.

Unfortunately, something seems to be broken in our government’s handling of salmon aquaculture development. Instead of acting on our concerns, this government blindly supports industry interests and ignores the views of its constituents. There is still time for the government to rectify this situation prior to facing the electorate if it applies the brakes now. It would seem very unwise, suicide even, for our government to continue this path into an election.


Last week’s Journal printed an Op-Ed article “Salmon situation being well-handled”

by Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture Associate Deputy Minister Greg Roach.


The article reasonably outlined the government’s handling of the deadly ISA virus in a Nova Scotia salmon farm, but ended with a bold-faced lie;


“We are committed to ensuring that aquaculture in Nova Scotia is practised in an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable way.”


That’s what Nova Scotians want, but not what we’ve been getting! Just how stupid does our government think we are?


Here’s another example of the hogwash we’re being fed.

On February 29th the Chronicle-Herald published an article titled N.S. fish farms ‘huge growth area’.

“Nova Scotia’s FARMED SALMON sector is poised for a breakout”, according to a think-tank report released Wednesday.

“Aquaculture is the fastest growing source of food in the world,” Patrick Brannon, an analyst with the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council said in an interview following the report’s release.

“This sector stands to be a huge growth area for Nova Scotia moving forward.”

With a strategy like this Mr. Brannon and his think-tank may sink rather than think.

Why? Because 80% of our farmed salmon is sold to the US market. Proven technology exists today to enable the US to satisfy its own demand for farmed salmon via profitable land-based recirculation systems located close to their major markets.

When this happens, and it won’t be long, Nova Scotia loses again. Our salmon farms will no longer be viable. Salmon farmers will retreat from Nova Scotia, or switch to other products. That’s one strategy where the thinkers did find some wisdom in Pictou County.

“While much of the council’s focus was on fish farming, oysterman Philip Docker said paying more attention to shellfish is one way to grow the Nova Scotia industry. His company ShanDaph Oysters cultivates oysters, bay scallops and quahogs in the waters off of Pictou County.”

“We’re not producing huge numbers, yet. But there’s huge potential for these species,” he said. “It’s a sector that just needs to be given a little more time by all the various levels of government.”

I agree. Why is our NS government being stupid when it could be smart?


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