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Chris Sinclair Emerges


Due to graduate from St. Mary’s Academy next year, Stillwater’s Chris Sinclair is now employed for the summer at the St. Mary’s River Association’s Education & Interpretive Centre. If you see him there he’s generally up for a chat about the river, fishing, or fly tying, most helpful if you need advice about local fishing.

Christopher Sinclair, 2013

Emerging Caddis


Hook:         #8-18 curved caddis/pupae hook, barbless

Thread:      UTC 70 Denier, tan
Body:         Olive Hare-Tron dubbing

Wing:         Light deer Hair

Antennae: 2 strands of pheasant tail

Head:         Olive Hare-Tron dubbing, whip finish three times and clear head cement



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Emerging Caddis

Of this week’s fly, the Emerging Caddis tied by Chris, he advises, “This fly works extremely well on all rivers, streams and lakes but is best fished on North Shore streams. It is fished just as you would any dry fly, but only use dry fly dressing on the wing, doing so makes it ride low on the water with the body just under the water to imitate an emerger. It can also be tied in tan, black, white and chartreuse.”


The fish photo shows a nice speckled trout hooked on Chris’ Emerging Caddis.